Kountry Wood Products

 In 1998 Kountry Wood products was founded on a basic business philosophy; that building a quality product, selling at a reasonable price and providing customers with good service was the key to building a successful business. Clinging to that philosophy has proven to be the cornerstone of Kountry Wood’s business plan and is just as important now as it was over a decade ago. 

 Through the years Kountry Wood has grown into a company whose name and reputation in the kitchen cabinet arena are highly regarded by customers and vendors alike. 

 Kountry Wood’s versatile product line is comprised of numerous cabinet modules in a variety of flat and raised door styles and in many of today’s most popular finishes. In addition, we offer many upgrades in material and design as well as functional options to satisfy a wide array of customer and builder preferences. These upgrades and options cater to the need for sturdy cabinet construction, durable finishes and many convenient storage alternatives. This value-added approach is what gives Kountry Wood’s cabinets the versatility that designers enjoy and consumers view as a worthwhile investment. 

  • Timely delivery of finished products
  • Continually growing to meet customer needs
  • Quality guarantee
  • Service after the sale

 Kountry Wood Products is honored to be certified by the KCMA Environmental Stewardship Program.
This is a rigorous process that helps guarantee that everyone is doing their part to provide you with sustainable cabinetry products. ESP goes beyond other environmental programs to not only look at raw material sourcing and management,
but to also set standards for manufacturing, product processes, recycling and air quality. 

ESP certification is awarded annually and is based on five categories:

  • Air Quality
  • Products Resource Management
  • Process Resource Management
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Community Relations 

 Quality wood cabinet finishes that have been made to last, can, like good clothes, very quickly get a “used” appearance.  Good things need looking after if they are to keep their quality.  Due to its many properties, wood has always been a popular material for fine cabinetry the world over.  Each tree is an individual, piece of nature, which, after being felled, keeps its own character in its strength, structure and sensitivity to light and moisture.  Wood can also change its character with time. Moisture is the worst enemy of all wooden furniture, so all spilled liquids should be wiped away at once.  Cabinets should be protected against heat, and also against wet or colored objects. Cabinet surfaces should be cleaned with a very mild soapy solution.  The cloth should be soft and dampened with the soap solution.  The surface should then be wiped down with a dry cloth to remove excess moisture.  Other cleaning compounds exist but may contain alkaline reagents which will adversely affect the surface.  Household polishes can be used on an infrequent basis.  Products containing silicone are moisture and dirt resistant but may hinder future lacquering.